Star Alliance Management Inc. is a full service temp agency based in Calgary, Alberta. It offers a one stop shop for all your talent needs. The agents at our office have combined expertise of over 30 years of experience. We represent experienced actors, models, brand ambassadors, product demonstrators, and more"

What We Do
  1. Film Industry Extras
    We meet the needs of people looking for interesting opportunities to work at any entry level acting position. No experience required, anyone can be a background extra.
  2. Modelling
    Anyone can be a Model, but it takes a good management agency to lead you in the right direction. We book people for various clients who use photos for websites, and/or advertisements.
  3. Lead Acting & Talent Bookings
    Have television, film, or stage acting experience? We can help build and further your career. We will promote You with our utmost professionalism and gain you bookings through our extensive networks.
  4. Marketing Services
    Our sophisticated World Talent System allows us to create a digital and printable profile of all of our registered talent, making it easy for you to see any upcoming work, for extras, models & available talent bookings.
  5. Workshops
    We are fortunate to provide our more experienced clients with Audition & Casting Workshops. They are designed to prepare you for and make you a better actor. Like every serious athlete must train, so too, must actors.
  6. Brand Development
    If you want to work in the entertainment industry, its important to have great advice and resources. We will assist in providing the tools you will need, Brand Strategy, Public Relations, Social Media and more.
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​Our Projects

Kyla Kelly ​​
Nascar Richmond Teaser Commercial

Travel Alberta​
Produced Commercial with Our Talent Cast

United Way SuperHeroes
Bank Misunderstanding

- Company Policy - 


Talent Representation Policy​

Star Alliance Management Inc. is a successful talent agency, at representing and managing professional and talented individuals. Our responsibilities include informing our members on etiquette and professionalism as a performer and direction on how they can best succeed at their career. We then follow through by promoting our talent for projects at their level in order to procure job opportunities for them, which they will enjoy, and be financially rewarded for. There is absolutely no charge for an individual to become a member of Star Alliance. Anyone can book an appointment to come in to meet with one of our local agents for a free consultation and fill out a profile form to be kept on file, with the hope of being selected for future opportunities. Star Alliance CANNOT guarantee work to anyone, as we are most often not the ones who make the final decision on who will or will not work. Our responsibility is to promote the performer to the best of our ability, with the intent on representing our talent in order to find them placement. Everyone registered with Star Alliance will be given the opportunity to work on local assignments in their city. Our agency believes in transparency clearly disclosing we earn a 20% commission of monies earned by talent, after they receive payment from their union work completed and also 20% on non-union jobs completed. We are proud of our ethical and professional business practices and therefore have this letter framed in BOLD on the front wall of our offices.

Our team has placed thousands of talent on hundreds of sets over the past 15 years.
We hand out a copy of this form to each and every new member of our Agency, Star Alliance Management Inc.

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"Star Alliance Management Inc. had the privilege of providing numerous cast members to fill the many available roles as extras for this film. Their Agents worked diligently on supplying our talented staff for the event"  -Sanam Re Film

"Star Alliance Management Inc. was on hand with an array of cast members to help fill many of the positions" - Heartland Television Series

"We are always delighted when our staff gets the opportunity to show off their talents and recognized for their dedication and diligence" - Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival

"Our members performed admirably in their duties and assisted the many attendees in the application and registration process" - Calgary Career Fair
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Office hours are Monday to Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm & Saturdays from 11:00am - 4:00pm
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